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The Flash CS6 color panel gets a slight facelift. Instead of choosing between HSB or RGB we now have both displayed simultaneously and all color values are accurately controlled using hot text sliders. Mixing colors in Flash has never been easier or more accurate. The creative folks over at Big Pink asked me to create an animation for children between 2 and 5 years of age. Because of the target audience I wanted the animation to have a soft yet inviting color palette.

1) My typical workflow when mixing colors is to click and drag within the gradient window in order to select the approximate color I’m after. Once I have this color selected I like to use the hot text sliders to fine-tune my color selection. Hue and saturation can play an important role in the design process and for this particular background image I wanted to keep the colors muted to avoid overpowering the characters that were added later on. As you can see here, the main color of the house has a very low level of saturation but enough brightness to maintain a good level of clarity.

2) Once again the colors of this house are easily muted by lowering the saturation keeping their brightness relatively high. The green for the tree is slightly more saturated compared to the other colors but overall still muted.

3) Once I had the overall pink color selected, mixing the darker shade of pink required a simple brightness adjustment. The large color swatch at the bottom of the Color panel will split to reveal the current color being mixed on top of the original color. This provides a visual reference for how the new color will contrast against the original color.

HOT TIP You can use the Flash Color panel to pick any color from anywhere on your screen even outside of Flash! Just click on the fill color swatch to activate the color picker and then click on the area of your screen that contains the color you desire.

Excerpt from How To Cheat in Adobe Flash CS6 by Chris Georgenes © 2012 Taylor and Francis Group. All Rights Reserved.

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Chris Georgenes spent a very long time as a freelance designer & animator specializing in Adobe Flash. Before that he worked for a small software company producing animated television shows for networks such as ABC and Cartoon Network. A few years ago Chris started designing games for Acclaim, Playdom and for a very brief stint, Disney Interactive. Today Chris is enjoying a creative director position for the highly successful mobile app GSN Casino, the Game Show Network’s latest digital offering. Chris still writes books, makes select public appearances, drinks coffee and continues a 35+ year career behind a set of drums.

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