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I’m a nerd.  That’s long and short of it.  Not the high-pants, taped-glasses, Save-by-the-Bell-stereotype nerd (although I was pretty close to that in high school)…  no.  I’m a nerd in that I nerd out about certain things.  I love movies of all types (just watched The Long Goodbye the other night; 4 out of 5 stars).  I like games (currently playing Uncharted 3 and Demon Souls for PS3).  I’m a sports nerd (although some trivia nights would prove otherwise).  I’m also a huge book nerd.  I like reading them.  I dreamt of writing them once.  And now I have the good fortune of making them.  So, when a video like the one below pops up, showcasing most of my nerdy loves (I also like cats, btw), I get a little excited, account for about 20% of the video’s views, and won’t shut up about it until the next video shows up on my monitor.  Take a gander and tell me you don’t like this video.  Or, don’t tell me, because I’ll get upset and wonder what’s wrong with me.

This must have taken forever.  So kudos to Lisa Blonder Ohlenkamp and Sean Ohlenkamp for animating this.   The use of stop-motion is incredibly effective here.  It really brings the books to life.  That was a real “duh” statement there, wasn’t it?  I’m going out on a limb here and saying that was probably the point.  Anyway, I really like the personification of the books, having them move around, bark orders, play.  The idea has been done before (Toy Story, those elves in that cobbler’s shop), so this one is really all in the presentation.  It’s a great, fresh look on an old story using an old technique with new technology.

Also, a post-video suggestion is “Cat vs Piñata”.  Check that out, too.  What a tubby cat!

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