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To go along with the theme of Annecy International this week (Stop Motion Animation), we decided to put together an expert from our best-selling, Stop Motion: Craft Skills for Model Animation,  on how to make your own puppet.

Simple wire and plasticine puppet

Plan your armature by making a scale drawing of your puppet and working out the lengths of wire you will need. The best wire to use is aluminium, fi ve-metre lengths of which can be bought online for between £3 and £6, and come in several thicknesses. Twisting two or three strands together in a slow drill will prolong its use. If you can’t afford aluminium wire, you could use tin wire, but tin is more springy (has more memory) than aluminium, and will therefore make animation much harder.

Figure 5.6

Figure 5.6 Tools and materials needed for a simple puppet. Courtesy of ScaryCat Studio


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