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The countdown to Game Developer’s Conference (GDC) begins and Focal Press will be back in the house on March 5th (first time for me). I’m excited to hit San Francisco next month and see what GDC is all about!

As always Focal Press authors will take the show by storm. We will also have all of your favorite game design and development books from Focal Press and our sister publisher Morgan Kauffmann at awesome show discounts. Make sure you stop by booth # 2311 to browse books, win great prizes, and meet some amazing people – did I mention I’ll be there…

Don’t forget that time is ticking on the early bird discount rate (9 days left as of 1/24) – get updated info here.   Also, check out the latest update on seminars and events our authors are participating in.

Tracey Fullerton (Game Design Workshop, 2nd edition)
What is a Research Game?

Day / Time / Location: TBD
Research is a fundamental activity of higher education. But where does game making fit into the picture? (Read more)

Adam Mecthley (Maya Python for Games and Film)
The Odd Couple: Maya and Python

Day / Time / Location: TBD
Description: Maya TAs with a history in MEL are accustomed to the quirks of Maya’s architecture and how to develop for it. Unfortunately, dealing with these quirks the same ways in Python obviates many of Python’s advantages. This session investigates what it means to program “pythonically” in the context of Maya. (Read more)

Markus Montola (Pervasive Games)
Shadow Cities and the Future of Location-Based Games
Day / Time / Location: TBD
Description: Award-winning Shadow Cities is the first location-based MMORPG in the world. Shadow Cities changes your iPhone into a magic device, allowing you to access a secret world all around you. (Read More)

Andy Nealen (Minamalist Game Design)
Minimal vs Elaborate, Simple vs Complex, and the Space Between
Day / Time / Location: TBD
Description: What is complexity and how is it measured? How does one add or remove complexity? How does complexity influence accessibility? (Read More)

See you in San Fran!


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