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Today’s animation inspiration Between Bears comes from Eran Hilleli – the 2010 winner of the Vimeo Festival + Awards best animation category.  The entry is Eran’s graduation film at Bezalel Academy of Art & Design. 

Between Bears is composed of a slick combination of 2D and 3D art using Maya.  The artist confesses to a vague story line, however being left to my own devices to conjure up motivation and back story for our pack of “beers” added to the intrigue of this well crafted animation.  Take  a peek and share your interpretation of the pack’s trek.

Vimeo has recently opened submissions for the 2012 Vimeo Festival + Awards. The October festival and awards celebrate online video and the talented artists who have managed to give the word “viral” a whole new set of connotations in the digital world. Awards will be given in 13 categories including Animation, Music Video, Motion Graphics, and Documentary, among others. There is a $5,000 grant for category winners and one $25,000 grand prize.

Each category has a unique set of rules. I’ll highlight the animation category for our loyal Focalites but please explore Vimeo for more details on Animation and other categories.

A story told by giving life to inanimate objects or character designs using computer technology or frame by frame animation.

Judging Considerations:
We are looking for animation that deploys a high level of technical, conceptual, and aesthetic innovation in order to enchant the viewer with a strong, engaging story.

Maximum length: 20 minutes
Your submission must be an original animated short video that illustrates the art of animated storytelling. Submissions may include the following styles of animation: 3D, 2D, mixed media, or any form of stop motion.

Here is Vimeo’s official call for submissions. Best wishes!

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