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TO MODEL ANY CHARACTER, you’ll use the same general process in 3ds Max. As with sculpting, you’ll start with a simple object like a box or cylinder, and mold and shape the character using a variety of tools.

This is a basic overview of the process; the tools themselves are described in more detail in subsequent topics.

1.)    After you’ve set up your reference images, start with a box. Convert it to an Editable Poly so you can access the Polygon and Vertex tools.

2.)    At the Vertex sub-object level, move vertices around to give the torso its general shape to match the front and side reference images.

3.)    Smooth out the shading to see the torso’s shape more accurately. See the Polygon Building topic for details.

4.)    Add more detail and shape to the torso using Cut, Connect, Chamfer, and other cutting and refinishing tools described in the topic Chop Shop. You’ll also need to clean up the edge flow with the tools in the Nip and Tuck topic.

5.)    Form polygons on the body where the arms and legs will come out. Extrude the limbs, then form the hands and feet.

6.)    Here, I’ve modeled the head using the original reference images. Alternatively, you could use a separate set of detailed reference images to build out the head as a separate object and Attach and Weld it to the body later.

HOT TIP If you’ve never created a character before, sculpting it in clay first can be very helpful to the process.

Excerpt from How to Cheat in 3ds Max 2015 by Michael McCarthy © 2014 Taylor and Francis Group. All Rights Reserved.

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