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As a wet and chilly Autumn season sets on Focal Press HQ, I find my mind wondering across the globe for a mental reprieve. France may not offer me sunny beaches and 80 degree weather but there will surely be fine sights and spirits flowing this time of year. Today’s animation inspiration takes us on a tour through Paris.  In Benoit Millot‘s A Day in Paris, a rollerblading robot explores the Illuminated City with child-like curiosity.

Millot is extremely effective in integrating the live action and 3D elements.  He must read Focal Press animation and film books…  I must admit, partway through the short I found myself jealous of the metallic rollerblader as he whizzed through the city, taking in the sights, playing games with the Parisian children, and taking part in the community.

Millot’s execution is skillful and understated.  He has a way of delivering an impressive short that appears effortless despite the painstaking attention that has obviously been taken.  The shooting equipment is listed simply as a Canon 7D, Maya, and Maxwell Render – all can be purchased for a reasonable investment.  Of course Focal Press has many fine books to help you master Maya (hint, hint).  I hope you enjoy A Day in Paris and are inspired by Millot’s fine short.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  •    Katy, Focal Animation Editor said on October 14, 2011 at 3:22 pm

    A great short! Really like the seamless integration of the live action and the 3D elements. It’s definitely inspiring some wanderlust! :)

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