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Happy Halloween from Focal HQ!

Perhaps it’s Fall in the air, the candy corn strewn about our desks or the barrage of  “Scary Deal” e-mails we seem to get in our inboxes, but at Focal HQ, we are getting into the Halloween/Samhain/All Hallow’s Eve spirit with two Animated Shorts this week- one geniunely creepy and the other a brillant parody!

First up…  putting the clay back into claymation,  Cal Art Experimental Grad Allison Schulnik’s short  “Mound”  is filled with incredible claymation techniques, seamless movement from one frame to another with a soundtrack of creepily cheerful crooning of Noel Scott Engel’s “It’s Raining Today.”  It’s a beautiful done short that allows the beauty of clay to shine through as a medium. I also find it so incredibly haunting with half formed faces, clay bodies absorbing other clay bodies, decaying flowers and oh yea, a cadre of boneless dancers.

Mound by Allison Schulnik from garaco taco on Vimeo.

In need of a little 1950’s  horror film parody after being thoroughly creeped out by morphing mounds of clay and cheerful crooning, check out A Large Evil Corporation’s  “The Gawper.”    The exaggerated animated walks of the characters and smoke effects alone make this worth the view.

Gawper from A Large Evil Corporation on Vimeo.

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