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Between bouts of animating, photographing, filming, game development, and of course reading Focal Press books, we know you all secretly desire being immortalized in the latest animation title from your favorite publisher…

Well, consider your dreams fulfilled!  Focal Press author Patricia Beckmann Wells is writing a new Focal Press book – Face It – on multi-ethnic 3D facial construction and seeking models to be featured.  No previous modeling experience is required.  Please see the details from her call for models below.

Call for models:

We are not seeking traditional models

Seeking two types of models

1. Faces with ethnic features for publication in an art reference book – FACE ONLY.

2. Faces with pronounced features – pronounced nose, pronounced lips, scars, etc. – FACE ONLY

Author with well-known textbook publisher seeks models with ethnic and non-traditional faces for reference book on facial construction. Highly interested in photographing several members of one family to show age progression in similar facial features.

Asian Pacific, Indian (India), American Indian, Middle Eastern, Latin American and African reference models. If you are not represented in this mix, we may still need you . . . multi-ethnic is very interesting to us as well!

Models will be compensated, please contact Patricia Beckmann Wells for details.  Models are required to sign a model release to allow images to be published in an academic textbook/online reference. Duration of photo session will not exceed one hour. We will shoot at the USC campus on December 3, between 12pm and 6pm.

If you are interested, please send a recent photo (no professional headshots please – just a candid image of your face) with your preferred email address and answers to the following questions in order to identify your ethnicity. Please do not send any confidential information and be sure to include your email address.  You will receive a confirmation email.

1. I claim the following ancestry (or ancestries)

2. On my mothers line, my family comes from . . .

3. On my fathers line, my family comes from . . .

4. If you have family members who are also interested in participating and being photographed in our family study, please let us know how many are interested, their sex, age, and ethnicity. We are interested in studying shared facial features.

Thank you!

Patricia Beckmann Wells

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