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Guess what’s happening next week? Comic-Con! Are you as excited as us at Focal HQ? Focal Press’ Anais and I will be in sunny San Diego with the other 130,000 Comic-Con fans, animators, and maniacs. This will be the first Comic-Con for both of us and we can’t wait.

In honor of Comic-Con 2011, we are featuring The Walking Dead by this year’s Wondercon Special Guest Robert Kirkman. First, let’s highlight this User Generated Content by Daniel Kanemoto. It is a pretty slick animation opening for AMC’s The Walking Dead series. The quality and care that Daniel produced this piece with amazes me. It’s fans like him that make Comic-Con the amazing phenomenon it has become.

User Generated Content inspired by The Walking Dead comic/television series from Daniel Kanemoto on Vimeo.

Next up is a cool The Walking Dead motion comic. The motion comic was inspired by the television series, which was inspired by the comic… Still with me? It doesn’t matter because you can never get enough zombie action right?

AMC presents The Walking Dead Motion Comic.

I’m sure I’ll see a zombie or two in the convention center. Anais and I hope to run into a few of you faithful Focal fans at Comic-Con as well. Those who won’t be in San Diego next week should stay tuned for our man/woman-on-the-street coverage of Comic-Con 2011. Pictures, videos, tweets, and Facebook updates on all things Comic-Con. Maybe, a contest or two – all in celebration of the biggest comic book/animation fan fest I’m aware of.

If any of you lucky attendees recognize us, run up waving that red and white logo’d book – we’d love to meet you. You’ll recognize us as we pass out our ultra cool Focal Press buttons. Be proud and wear them loud; you never know what you’ll get from Focal HQ if your spotted at Comic-Con, or on Twitter and Facebook showing that Focal pride (sounds like a contest is in the works to me…).

Focal Press buttons

F-Yeah! you can giggle now...

Lastly, a quick shout out to our friends at Animation Magazine and our author Bryan Tillman. Stop by the Animation Magazine booth #1535 on Friday, the 22nd from 11:30am – 12:30pm for a signing of his new title Creative Character Design. He is also hosting the Comic-Con How-To: Creative Character Design on Sunday, the 24th from 11:30am – 12:30pm.

See you in San Diego!


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