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Chris Georgenes has shared a series of videos from a webinar he hosted on animating in Adobe Flash. Chris recently published How to Cheat in Adobe Flash CS6. The latest installment in this popular series will provide practical solutions and step by step tutorials for anyone working on creative projects in Adobe Flash CS6 – whether mobile applications, games, animated shorts, or full length features. Today we are the final installment – file size & optimization. Check out the previous installments here: Part 1: Character Design, Part 2: Walk Cycles & Keyframing, and Part 3: Walk Cycles & Motion Tweening.

Chris Georgenes

Chris Georgenes spent a very long time as a freelance designer & animator specializing in Adobe Flash. Before that he worked for a small software company producing animated television shows for networks such as ABC and Cartoon Network. A few years ago Chris started designing games for Acclaim, Playdom and for a very brief stint, Disney Interactive. Today Chris is enjoying a creative director position for the highly successful mobile app GSN Casino, the Game Show Network’s latest digital offering. Chris still writes books, makes select public appearances, drinks coffee and continues a 35+ year career behind a set of drums.

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