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Commissioned by Anywalk for it’s promotional art exhibition TREKX featuring 9 artists from London and China,  “Don’t Swim After Lunch” was directed and designed by Jens Blank with Jussi Honka on sound design and Paul Pringle on the musical track.  Self described as being ” about daydreaming, [Don’t Swim After Lunch] plays with the idea of turning mundane environments into something exciting.” 

While a relatively common creative concept of ordinary transformation into something extraordinary, I love the integration of the live action setting of the dining room table with the geometric, oragami-esque animation style.  The soundtrack is perfect, dynamic and engaging.  This style and technique could easily be translated into an advertisement or a longer style animated short, 2 to 3 minutes in length.

Be sure to check out the making of blog post with concept art, photos from the art gallery exhibition and screenshots from the rigging of the scene.  I would totally purchase a screenprint of the penguin or even the birds.

Even with the making-of blog post, this short leaves me wanting more and more.  I want to see beyond the penguins swimming. What happens when diner brings a glass of wine to the table- a vinery in Napa pops up?   I don’t necessarily think this short would benefit from any sort of plot line, character development or story but I want more penguins diving through the rough dining room table waters and the birds navigating a wooded forest.  How great would it be if someone brought a burned grilled cheese to the table and you end up in a scorching deserts with  lizard’s sunning themselves on rocks.

What other shorts are out there that you wish you could extend beyond it’s 2 to 3 minutes? Would you add an extra few minutes? Where you would take the short creatively?

Don’t swim after lunch from Jens Blank on Vimeo.

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