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Happy Friday All! I promise I’m not posting this because I have a not so secret craving for a Chipotle burrito right now.   I find this animated short or animated advertisement perplexing in a completely great way. The short is very well done with a strong thematic and creative approach that greenwashes commercialism. Why yes, Chipotle, I will support your sustainable business practices by eating a delicious burrito-double rice and beans please.  

All joking aside, the animated advert challenges consumer food choices, forces us to consider the humane treatment of animals and naturally pushing viewers to Chipotle for free range, organic and locally grown food   Now, there are lots of ways to categorize the food industry in America- the fast food industry in particular (I’m looking at you Fast Food Nation and Food Inc.) and even the growing boon of the organic movement, both with very vocal proponents and opponents.   What I like about this short is the subtle emphasis on a sustanible food system depicted in a way that is tangible for many short attentioned viewers.  I do have to admit that I half expected the advertisement to end with the family of farmers hugging a pig. I could easily see this animated advertisement going one step further encouraging viewers to consider their food choices in a tamer version of a PETA announcement.

Beyond the message, which can be debated, deliberated and decried is a simple animation style with lots of really dynamic elements, a really lovely country twang Willie Nelson remix of Coldplay’s The Scientist and a geometric animation style akin to children’s blocks. I shudder to think of a live action version of this advertisement.  Animation and Willie Nelson save the day!

What other advertisements have you seen that either through necessity or design really use some great animation techniques or approaches?

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