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We have yet to really feature a mainstream animated short, having chosen to mostly feature to student work, independent and alternative animation in our Focal Friday Animated Short posts.  Well, Focal readers, I’ve come across Scrat’s Continental Crack-Up Part-2, a short from Blue Sky Studios that captured my attention.   The short features Scrat, an amusing, doggedly determined squirrel always in search of an elusive nut who has appeared in the Ice Age films.  This character is hardly central to the plot of the Ice Age films but offers a refreshing and fun interlude that is now expected in these films.  Ice Age 4 is to be released next summer by Blue Sky studios. 

Ignore that this short  is an extended trailer for the next installment of Ice Age and focus on the incredible animation featured in the underwater scene and the story line that revolves around the simple tension of a quest unfulfilled.  This short harkens back to the early days of cartoon storytelling and reminds me very much of Warner Bros cartoon shorts with exaggerated action, title credits and it’s simplicity. I found the inclusion of dialogue at the very end quite jarring as a viewer since I became acustomed to a soundtrack of squirelley squeaks and the music as cues.   Enjoy!

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