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Nelson Boles, a CalArts Student, presents the challenging voyage of a little boat in the aptly named “Little Boat”  animated short.  With an animation style that shifts from minimalist to dynamic and engaging,  I almost didn’t give this wayward craft a moment of my time but I’m so glad I stopped to look.

There is something so charming and simplistic but also endearing and perservering about this little boat.  In the same vein of the “Little Engine that Could, ” you are hoping the boat will navigate through snow, ice and even war torn waters to reach it’s ultimate destination. Expressing a depth that is rarely seen without facial expression, the soundtrack only enhances the emotive qualities and really lends itself to the dramatic build-up.  One of my favorite scenes is the rough water scene with the lack of sound weighing heavy on the viewer.  Also, the end offers a fun possibilities and insight into the boat and it’s adventure. 

Enjoy the rough and smooth sailing folks!  Happy Friday!


Little Boat from nelson boles on Vimeo.

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