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Apache from oneedo on Vimeo.

We are in a musical mood at Focal HQ today, perhaps because the weekend is upon us and Spring has finally arrived with some warmer weather. We’ve noticed that there are countless music videos out there that are utilizing some really incredible animation techniques; the music video for Danger Beach’s “Apache” is no exception.

Directed by Ned Wenlock and animated by Rodney Selby, the melodic layering of guitars are augmented by a colorful color palette, 70s-esque textures and repeating patterns, all very reminscent of papercut animation. It is the perfect pairing of musical talent and animation talent creating a strong visual representation of the music. Enjoy!

Posted by Katy, Associate Acquisitions Editor, Animation and 3D.  Interested in writing for Focal Press, reviewing a proposal or just chatting about all things animation? Visit Katy’s Linked-In page.  

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