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In honor of the incredible animations coming out of Annecy 2011, we wanted to showcase several trailers from films debuting at Annecy.  All four of these films were designed and created by students at Gobelins L’Ecole de L’Image or Goblins School of the Image. Gobelins is a Parisian school, dedicated to the visual arts, known worldwide for it’s stellar animation program.

While these trailers are only minute long, teaser snippets of the full animated short, they are hard to ignore for their diversity of technique, the variety of animation styles, dynamic story development and sound design. Each trailer is a unique joy to watch. We are especially in love with the “Hello Brooklyn”  short for it’s lighting and colors. Keep your eye out for these films to make the film festival circuit.  We will of course post the shorts as soon as they are available for full view online.

Hello Brooklyn: New York, in the 50’s, five young people are wandering in Brooklyn streets, riding bicycles accross the alleys of Central Park and loafing around on the beach of Coney Island.

Lights Out: In the city at night, the light spawns its way into the shadow territory.

Oh Gee, Oh Why: The participants of a parade get into place with a mix of panache and pandemonium.

Grand Central: A trip across a megacity’s streets visually revealed by an hypnotic line game.

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