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At Focal HQ, we are busily recovering from the sheer excitement of Comic-Con and gearing up for a great SIGGRAPH show in Vancouver.  Stay turned for the update on the great experiences we had at Comic-Con. 

For Focal Animated Short Friday, we were particularly enamored with Isaac King’s “Second Hand” short.  Isaac is a freelance animation director, animator, and designer, most recently having worked at Head Gear Animation.  

Second Hand from Isaac King on Vimeo.

This short develops rather innocently enough leading you to believe this is another PSA for environmentalism that aims to bring your attention back to your carbon footprint, but through some dynamic and unique animation styles, a pounding soundtrack and story dichotomies, “Second Hand” really develops into a complex, multi-layered short. Focusing on waste, be it a general waste of time, efficiency, or the accumulation of personal waste, King presents characters that are simultaneously well developed and flawed in their own pedagogy.  

As busy professionals, we are almost always clamoring for one more second of time, a jujitsu style efficency in handling our day to day tasks and second hand rocking chairs and fuzzy red socks for those quiet moments.  The short’s animation style only further conveys this message with an incredible balance of stop motion techniques and hand drawn animation.

Enjoy and Happy Friday! Hope to see you at SIGGRAPH Focal Press booth #747!

 Posted by Katy, Associate Acquisitions Editor, Animation and 3D.  Interested in writing for Focal Press, reviewing a proposal or just chatting about all things animation?  Visit Katy’s Linked-In page.

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