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In Elvin A. Hernandez’s new book Set The Action! Creating Backgrounds for Compelling Storytelling in Animation, Comics, and Games he discusses designing backgrounds that make character and story development more dynamic and realistic.

Elvin put together a series of videos that provide some great tips and techniques for background development. Today in part four, Elvin continues to develop hisĀ  fantasy city by adding details that anchor the environment in reality. In order to do so, he will discuss building dimensions, choosing buildings to “pop”, differentiating the buildings with details, and ensuring the environment is reminiscent of reality regardless of how fantastic the comic’s storyline is.

Part 1: Thumb Nails & Reference Material
Part 2: Using Two-Point Perspective
Part 3: Rules of Illusion
Part 5: Wrapping Up

We will share his fifth and final installment next week.

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