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A couple of months ago, we published Quick Sketching with Ron Husband, a book covering gesture drawing. This book is near and dear to me. It was one of the first few titles I commissioned when I started at Focal Press, and I had a pretty big hand in its development: the design, the content, some publicity. I worked with Ron Husband and his wonderful family to help create this book. To say I’m proud to have my name attached to it would be an understatement; it was truly a family affair. The book has sat on my desk for a while, and I realized today that I’ve completely forgotten about the best part about the book: the sketchbook in the back.

I’m no artist, but I scribble and pretend that I can draw sometimes. So I opened up Quick Sketching, found the sketch paper in the back, and started to doodle. Here are the embarrassing results:

For this picture I used a number two, mechanical pencil and a pathetic lack of knowledge for human anatomy.

This poor person has no bones.

The giraffe is upset-looking because it now exists.

This looks like my former Romantic Literature professor. But he never wore Bermuda walking shorts in class.

Decided to go back to the basics taught in Chapter 1. My triangles are pretty good, right?

This bunny was copied off of the cover for How to Cheat in Adobe Flash CC.  My keen eye and deft hand captured it just perfectly, I feel.

I guess the moral of this story is to stick to my day job.  For those who have a copy of Quick Sketching, I’d love to see your back-of-the-book sketches.  Tweet pics @FocalDave and #quicksketching.  I’ll select one random person to win a free Focal Press book.

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