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That’s a gross title, eh?

Do yourself a favor and read the post below. It’s an interview with Yoni Goodman done by Judith Kreiger, author of Animated Realism. This gives great insight into Yoni’s inspirations and animation techniques, which really helped him form Waltz with Bashir.

Yoni recently created a short for the Global Health Media Project. I’ve posted it below. “The Story of Cholera” is an educational video designed to help educate those about the disease of cholera, where it comes from, how to help someone who has it, and how to prevent getting it. The story is simple: The father of the narrator, a young boy, becomes ill. The boy goes to the village nurse who helps the father and then educates the boy on how to prevent it. The boy shares this information with the rest of his village, and with this information, #SpoilerAlert, the village grows and thrives.

The story is simple; the visual aspect is top-notch. I particularly love the use of color here. The only color shown in the beginning is neon green, representing the cholera germ. As the boy explains where cholera goes and how sick it makes people, we see neon green everywhere. It’s in the water, in the vomit, on the father’s sheets. The next bit of color we see is the red cross, a universal symbol for health. As the nurse educates the boy and the boy helps the father return to health, more colors begin to show up. First, there’s a healthy blue that represents the clean water. Then the river is blue. Then the sky. Soon, a healthier, more natural-looking green colors in the plant life. Even the soil gets a robust look to it by being shaded in brown. Not only is the father healthy, but the whole village is. By the end, the people, their clothing, and their surroundings are in full color. It’s a great and subtle way to represent the town and its community thriving with this new found information.

Anyway, that’s my wordy take. I’d love to see your comments and thoughts. Also, you can find more about Yoni and his work at his website.

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