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Tom Bancroft, author of Character Mentor has worked on The Lion King, Aladdin, Beauty and the Beast, Brother Bear. He’s created characters for numerous games, children’s books, and comics. To say he is talented is an understatement.

Tom has been helping budding animators with their characters’ emoting and movements for a while now at his blog and at Deviant Art. He’s taken drawings submitted by artists and has layered comments and suggested methods on them to aid in making characters more emotive. His new book, Character Mentor, captures these assignments and explains why Tom makes the tweaks that he does. Included with the assignments are celebrity assignments by such greats as Bobby Rubio, Terry Dodson, Sean “Cheeks” Galloway and more. But I’ve said enough already… I’ll let Tom introduce himself. Below his intro, you can also find some great tips for all things animation, from creating the perfect portfolio to protecting your sketches from smudging. Enjoy!


Tip 1.

Tip 2.

Tip 3.

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Tip 5.

Check out Character Mentor for more helpful tips and guidance from Tom. The book is available for pre-order and comes out in April.

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