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Roger’s top 10 reasons why you can’t select your object

MY GOOD FRIEND Roger Cusson is, like me, a longtime instructor on 3ds Max. One day we got to talking about the challenges of teaching such a large and complex program, and we agreed that the biggest barrier new students have is confusion about selecting objects.

Roger proposed that since we go over these pitfalls in every class, he should publish a list of Roger’s Top 10 Reasons Why You Can’t Select Your Object. The list never actually got published until the first edition of this book. Here is the list, printed for the first time in the first edition of this book and back by popular demand, including a cutout reminder list that you can tape to your laptop or monitor for easy reference.

1 The current selection is locked, preventing you from making a new selection. You can tell if this is the problem by checking the Selection Lock Toggle on the status bar to see if the button is turned on. Click the button to turn it off, or press the space bar.

2 You are attempting to select an object in a wireframe view by clicking in its volume area rather than on the wireframe. Click the wireframe, or change to a shaded viewport and click the volume.

3 The object is frozen. Right-click anywhere in the viewport and choose Unfreeze All, or use the unfreeze options on the Display panel.

4 A creation button, such as Box or Sphere on the Create panel, is still clicked, and a selection tool (such as Select Object) is not currently selected. Right-click a couple of times to turn off the creation tool, or click a selection tool.

5 You are still at the sub-object level for one object. At a sub-object level, you can select only subobjects of that object. Return to the base level of the object by turning off the sub-object level.

6 The Window/Crossing toggle on the toolbar is set to Window, and you are making a Crossing selection. Click the button to toggle to Crossing.

7 You are clicking the back side of a one-sided object such as a Plane. Rotate the view and click the other side.

8 You are currently using a tool that ‘s expecting a selection for that specific tool. For example, if you click Select and Link then click Select by Name, you will pick an object to link to rather than simply selecting an object. Click Select Object to turn off the other tool and enable selection.

9 The Selection Filter is limiting your selection. Set the Selection Filter to All.

10 You are trying to use Shift or Alt instead of Ctrl to add to the selection. Use Ctrl to add to the selection, and Alt to remove from the selection.

Roger’s Top 10 Reasons Why You Can’t Select Your Object

1 Unlock the selection (space bar, or turn off Selection Lock Toggle).

2 Click the wireframe, not the volume.

3 Unfreeze the object (right-click for quad menu, choose Unfreeze All).

4 Turn off the creation tool you’re currently using, or click Select Object.

5 Get out of sub-object mode.

6 Make sure Window/Crossing is set to the mode you want.

7 One-sided object? Click the other side.

8 Turn off the tool that’s expecting a selection, or click Select Object.

9 Reset the Selection Filter to All or Geometry.

10 Use Ctrl to add to the selection, not Shift.

Excerpt from How to Cheat in 3ds Max 2015 by Michael McCarthy © 2014 Taylor and Francis Group. All Rights Reserved.

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